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Medical Check-Ups

September 2, 2016

Illness prevention and a prompt diagnosis constitute the best way of attaining a longer and healthier life span.

The link between advanced medical technology and medical professional unite to reach a clear and accurate diagnosis.

HOSPITAL SHARP MAZATLAN through our Medical Check-up Unit offers you the possibility to examine your health status considering your risk symptoms and facilitating a rapid treatment of lesions or illnesses detected.

If you have taken the decision to care for your health and decide to get a Medical Check-up we recommend the following:
Previous to your evaluation:

1. – A day prior to your check-up you must come to the clinical laboratory to get a couple of small containers for the collection of a urine sample ( the first urine of the morning ) and a stool sample to collect and bring to the Hospital.
2. – You must be fasting for 14 hours before taking the blood sample in order to avoid abnormal lipid results and other abdominal ultrasound parameters.
3. – Do not eat greasy or condiment food at least 24 hours prior to the sample taking.
4. – Try to get a good night sleep.
5. – Avoid smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages or using drugs during the hours of fasting.
6. – If you practice a daily sport is very important to continue until the day prior to the check-up in order to assure that the tests represent your actual physical condition.
7. – If you are feeling unwell please cancel you appointment in order to re-program it another day.
8. – The day of your Check-up please wear light sporty clothes like pants or shorts, T shirt and tennis shoes.

Note: if during your evaluation your Doctor considers necessary to perform another study, it will be put to your consideration and it will have an additional cost.
On your arrival to the Hospital

1. – Proceed directly to the Clinical Laboratory where you will deliver the samples collected.
2. – A Nurse will accompany you to the examining room for an initial interview with the Internal Medicine Specialist responsible for the medical evaluation; he or she will perform a complete physical exam and will write a clinical history.
3. – The laboratory will obtain a blood sample.
4. – The Radiology Department will perform the studies indicated according to the selected check-up.
5. You will be offered small refreshment.
The medical evaluation results will be given to you next day by the Internal Medicine Specialist that performed the examination at the time indicated in your appointment.