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TecSalud Network signs affiliation agreement with Sharp Hospital Mazatlán
This collaborative agreement between private hospitals will promote research, trained personnel, high-quality medical services and will represent a benefit for the health system in Mexico. Monterrey, N.L. September 28, 2023.- TecSalud, the health system of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, signed the affiliation agreement of the Sharp Hospital Mazatl
Expansión Magazine
Expansión Magazine, together with Blutitude and the Mexican Health Foundation (FUNSALUD), have distinguished Hospital Sharp as the #1 hospital in Mazatlán, the #2 hospital nationwide with <40 beds and #9 in the northwest area of the country.😉🥇
Laser Green Light Surgery
Hospital Sharp Mazatlán once again demonstrated its innovation in surgical procedures. On April 9, 2016 Dr. Nadim Audelo Aun and his team successfully performed 2 prostate surgeries using Laser Green Light, a technology which is not widely available in Mexico. Green Light XPS is a photo vaporization system using continuous laser wave with a max
An other successful kidney transplant form a “live donor” has been performed at Hospital Sharp Mazatlan. The transplant team successfully performed a kidney transplant to give new life to patient Jose Gamboa Chaidez who has been on hemodialysis treatment for the past 2 years.
Rey Pacal Award 
The clinical Laboratory at Hospital Sharp Mazatlán received the coveted Rey Pacal award in October 2015 in recognition of being one of the best laboratories in Mexico. This award is based on the reliability of results for studies of hematology, clinical chemistry and bacteriology. At Hospital Sharp Mazatlán we are committed to providing you wi
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