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Sharp Card

Salud Health And Rewards Program (S.H.A.R.P. card)

Hospital Sharp Mazatlan invites you to participate in our membership loyalty program which is committed to helping you get the most from your health care dollar.    


SHARP Card Membership is designed to offer benefits exclusively to foreign residents and visitors to our city.


For the cost of $325.00 pesos (Including IVA), your SHARP card will offer you the following benefits for a two (2) year period:


1- Medical Alert Wallet Card  :  photo ID with Blood Type and Allergies noted thereon plus a written direction in Spanish asking for transportation to Hospital Sharp Mazatlan in event of emergency.


2- Emergency Contacts  in your home country and in Mexico are kept on your file at Hospital Sharp.


3- Doctor’s consultation  available at Sharp’s ER department, even for non emergency visits i.e., health inquiries, etc.


4- Annual Medical Check-Up packages  are offered to members.


5- Members receive discounts

  • 30% Hospital Room (Normal and VIP)
  • 30% Emergency Consult (General Practitioner)
  • 15% Radiology and Imaging
  • 15% Laboratory
  • 15% Use of Emergency Room
  • 15% Physiotherapy
  • 15% Medical Check-Ups
  • 10% Cath Lab
  • 10% Surgery Suite
  • 5% I.C.U Bed 


6- Membership entitles you to receive our Email newsletter  providing health and wellness information, advising of special promotions, and showcasing our excellent medical team and services at Hospital Sharp.

You are entitled to the assistance of an English speaking patient concierge  to answer any questions you may have about Hospital Sharp, your treatment protocol or billing procedures, including help with completing insurance forms which may be required by your insurance provider.


Note: The membership is personal and its benefits are non-transferable.
S.H.A.R.P Card is an incentive program, not an insurance policy and is not designed to take the place of your medical insurance.


 Contact us today for your application form. See us tomorrow for your health care needs.


 For S.H.A.R.P Card Membership appointments:

Telephone: 986 56 78 Ext. 336

For medical information you may contact:

Dr. Juan Fernando Barraza at:

Cell phone: 669-127-2276 (24 hours)



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